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EU Social model

The European social model is rooted in values and fundamental rights, which evolved to form a common ground across the Member States, driving concrete policies. People are at the centre of this model. They benefit, for example, from the protection of human dignity and health, and access to social security. But the European social model… » read more

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Mobility is essential to foster intercultural dialogue and to fight stereotypes, helping the foundation of a European identity. It has always existed but has not always been viewed in a positive light. Today, mobility is seen above all as an asset to professional life, because it makes reference to jobseekers’ capacity to adapt and their… » read more

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The modern world puts emphasis on better use of knowledge and rapid innovation. It therefore requires a broadening of the creative skills base involving the whole population. In particular, there is a need for skills and competences that enable people to embrace change as an opportunity and to be open to new ideas in a… » read more

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Politicians at European level have recognized that education and training are essential to the development and success of today’s knowledge society and economy. Nowadays, lifelong learning is key to jobs and growth, as well as to allow everyone the chance to participate fully in society. The EU’s strategy on Education emphasizes countries working together and… » read more

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