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” The Community shall have as its task….to promote throughout the Community a harmonious, balanced and sustainable development of economic activities, a high level of employment and social protection..” Employment and occupation are key elements in guaranteeing equal opportunities for all. They contribute strongly to the full participation of citizens in economic, cultural and social… » read more

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Regionalism is the idea or practice of dividing a country into smaller units for political, economic, social, and cultural purposes. Politically, regionalism is linked to decentralized or federalist governments. Regionalism is both cultural and political, as its political success is linked to the development of a regional culture. The promotion of regionalism has indeed been… » read more

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EU Social model

The European social model is rooted in values and fundamental rights, which evolved to form a common ground across the Member States, driving concrete policies. People are at the centre of this model. They benefit, for example, from the protection of human dignity and health, and access to social security. But the European social model… » read more

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