European Youth Choice

One week till 7-June. Even less for countries voting on 4th. And the Y Vote Campaign goes through its maximal stand. Reaching Edimburgh for the last convention of the UK Tour, on the recent past we had “Sparks of Future” in Brussels, the closing ceremony for the Europe-wide campaign, where the European Students had the possibility to interact with another group of US-Students coming from the best Universities of their country.

Four whole weeks on the road have left its fruits, and nine months of campaign also. A little summary of this time can be checked here:

Hundreds of bracelets given, leaflets, interviews with young citizens, decens of workshops and debates with Members of the Parliament and Commisioners…Nine months encouraging the people to vote in june all around Europe.

And now, the final convention is starting, last participants, last debates, last lectures. Last thoughts before the vote, and last visits to the eurosceptic streets of Scotland. There is still a strong hope that all the Y Vote spirit, with its colours and it strengh, will change this.

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