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Under the title “Make a Choice”, National Manager of the Y VOTE Campaign in Greece, Efi Chronopoulou, presents the development of the project in their area. explains the main objectives of the campaign in Greece and its performance. You can read here Efi’s article about it, and enjoy the web through the link.

For the Greek campaign we decided to combine the knowledge and ideas of 2 organisations, AEGEE and ELIX, and create a common project called “make a choice”. This took place from January to June 2009. Drawing from our experience and our volunteer meetings we hope our actions and skepticisms will have an better impact on the youths of our country.

Actions and activities

During the course of the programme a series of different actions will be implemented in order to combat the political ignorance of our youth. These actions will offer young people incentives, helping them take a more active role in politics and thus assisting them in becoming more conscientious citizens.

The following are some of the actions/incentives:

· Street congregations in central locations throughout Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Patras and Rhodes primarily on the 9th of may which is the day of Europe

· Flyer hand outs, radio, cinema and television advertisements will be implemented for the advertisement of the campaign.

· Organising a 3 day conference in Athens in May(27-28-29) at the office of the European Parliament for Greece.

· An exchange of young people composed of 25 volunteers from 5 different countries through the European programme “Youth in Action”.

· A special event for the closure of the programme taking place at an exterior location for one day.For the main events we plan to divide the venue in three “corners”. The first corner will be the section giving out information whilst the second corner will concentrate on free expression. Finally the last corner will focus on amusement.


The “make your choice” campaign is made possible by the support of important Greek and European institutes. The municipality of Athens sheltered and nurtured this project whilst the Greek sector of the European parliament gave its endless support in many factions of the project. In addition, some of the campaign’s goals are made possible through the partial funding of the European committee through the Communications and cultural Directive from Brussels (programme “When You Vote You Win” of Elix) and through the programme Youth in Action (Youth exchange of Elix).

Efi Chronopoulou

National Manager of Greece


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