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Transfer to Budapest

While the last participants are still recovering and assimilating their great experience in Ljubjlana, a new group of European students is ready to start dealing with Education in the city of Budapest. Ljubjlana let us a big amount of results concerning multiculturalism in different fields, such as multilingualism, education in diversity among the countries, policies for art and integration…

This time Ljubjlana held a peculiar conference. On the one hand, participants had the privilege to take part in debates with recognized politicians, the former Primer Minister of Slovenia, Mr Lojze Peterle, or the interesting meeting with the Commissioner for Science and research, Mr Janez Potocnik during the first day, which gave the participants a charge of motivation to give their best for the whole week. On the other hand, we had a very active conference, with many workshops through the city. Visits to art galleries, museums and alternative centres for artists brought the spirit of Y Vote also to the city, even taking into account the adverse weather and the continuous rain during the whole week.

About the results, participants put in common the differences in their countries on the field education, for example, and stressed the necessity to build a system with more practical knowledge, wider horizons in contents, and harmonization in some topics while regarding particular cultural and historical diversity. Most of the thoughts were translated into concreted measures which will be added to the recommendations to the Parliament in the Youth Agenda 2009.

And as said in the beginning, the closing for this conference started the way to the new one, holding the topic we left: Education. The first participants already arrived to Budapest, and the rest must come in the next hour to enjoy their warm welcome in the capital of Hungary. Workshops, debates, street actions and, of course, a highly motivating social program will bring the new participants to the world of AEGEE Y Vote Campaign

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