European Youth Choice

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. These four countries were examined under the eyes of the participants during the last Y vote event in Trieste, which concluded on Sunday with great results. Trieste, for its border position, was a key place to talk about the topic of EU enlargement among students from the mentioned countries, including also participants from some of their minorities.

The group was closed with Political Science students from Gorizia and Trieste, and all together worked in this intercultural atmosphere with a huge interest towards the topic, and they enjoyed this precious opportunity to get in touch with it in such a direct way.

As we can compare with other Y Vote conferences, this one was a bit different in its format, bringing this specific target of students together, but the results were, as usual, very fruitful, for the participants and for the guest professors as well.

The event was led by Veronika Braun, member of the Y Vote Coordination Team, who declared that this event had “different participants, different methods, but it was another great success”. As it has been happening since the first thematic conference of Y Vote, one of the most interesting parts of the event was the street action, which gave the result of a city full of balloons, postcards and bracelets on Triestians arms reminding them to vote during the first week of June.

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