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Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. These four countries were examined under the eyes of the participants during the last Y vote event in Trieste, which concluded on Sunday with great results. Trieste, for its border position, was a key place to talk about the topic of EU enlargement among students from the mentioned countries, including… » read more

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On the way to the Vote

While the Italian city of Trieste is hosting the 6th Y Vote conference from today, 13th march till Sunday the 15th, the countdown for Y Vote UK Tour officially started with the opening of applications for its launching conference in London. Under the title of “The Island of Y”, starting on the 25th of April,… » read more

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Intercultural learning

Education for Citizenship should be available to various age groups, depending on beneficiaries’ cultural background. It should also foster gender equality and promote inclusive attitudes towards different roles of sexes in society and sexual minorities.

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People from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Serbia will bring their different identities (culture, political situation, economy) but the same message: together in an European dimension…at the Y Vote workshop on EU Enlargement that will be held in Trieste from the 12th March to the 15th March 2009. THE POINTS OF THE WORKSHOP: -The European… » read more

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The European Union is against the war in The Middle East, resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a “strategic priority” but it does not speak with one voice. In my opinion, the EU should continue donations for the Palestinians. EU should be the mediator in the conflict, should help by providing a big social programme,… » read more

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