European Youth Choice

Social situation for Italy’s citizen in some cities is penible. The grip the organized crime has on society is awful. As long as other european countries keep ignoring the problem, the situation won’t change. Also, to speak about their Press freedom… How is it possible that a country’s president is able to decide what’s in… » read more

Last, but not least

The campaign for the elections has taken part during the last months. We all know that, it is not just the two previous weeks of the election day. But one thing is true: after the whole effort, one second summarizes the results, the ballot. Today, june 5th, is the second elections day. Yesterday citizens of… » read more

One week till 7-June. Even less for countries voting on 4th. And the Y Vote Campaign goes through its maximal stand. Reaching Edimburgh for the last convention of the UK Tour, on the recent past we had “Sparks of Future” in Brussels, the closing ceremony for the Europe-wide campaign, where the European Students had the… » read more

Under the title “Make a Choice”, National Manager of the Y VOTE Campaign in Greece, Efi Chronopoulou, presents the development of the project in their area. explains the main objectives of the campaign in Greece and its performance. You can read here Efi’s article about it, and enjoy the web through the link. For… » read more

The tour must go on!

Four days ago, the official driver of Y Vote Uk Tour 2009 put the keys on his bus and started the jouney for the campaign through the United Kingdom with destination Parliamentary Elections on the 4th June. During an intense conference in the city of London, the participants could discovered the essence of the project,… » read more

During the day, all the participants for UK tour launching convention in London of the AEGEE Y Vote Campaign were arriving to the capital of the British country. As usual, they had some time to get to know each other and visit the city, while the group was complete. An unsual warm and sunny day… » read more

Around 50 days to the elections. Even less. And the Y Vote campaign thinks about the work done at the same time that the project comes to its highest point. Cyprus hosts the biggest event for AEGEE members, its Spring Agora. And during this, the European Youth Choice is present on the Workshops list to… » read more

A new partner has come to the Y Vote family. The Montesquieu Instituut and the Universiteit Leiden present its Summer School 2009, entitled “Holding Europe to Account. A new look to accountability in the EU”. registrations are available in

Transfer to Budapest

While the last participants are still recovering and assimilating their great experience in Ljubjlana, a new group of European students is ready to start dealing with Education in the city of Budapest. Ljubjlana let us a big amount of results concerning multiculturalism in different fields, such as multilingualism, education in diversity among the countries, policies… » read more

The sixth Y Vote convention started in Ljubljana on March 27th, 2009. European multiculturalism was being closely examined in the »most beautiful city in the world« (words by the Mayor of Ljubljana we all remember from our General Assembly last April). Young people from 20 different European countries were exploring the topic focusing on languages,… » read more